Throw a stone in Santorini and you’ll hit a church…

Then why so difficult to find one that works? Well, consider something pretty like these, in town:

They’re lovely, if you don’t mind a bit of a hike:

So we searched out this one, close to the road:

But the only place to avoid car exhaust is up on the rooftop (which I guess is a possibility). (Note to all: Because we’re neither Catholic nor Greek Orthodox, we believe we can’t have the ceremony inside a church, only outside on the church grounds.) You’ve got to admit, it’s got a great view:

In search of better options, we got ready to take on some country back roads:



Wait – here’s one overlooking the vineyards and the sea. Ideal!

A Santorini church overlooking the vineyards and sea ... ideal!


Until the road abruptly ended, just one vineyard and a steep set of stairs away from the church itself:


Hot and dusty by this point, we still kept up high spirits. And little did we know, a perfect venue was awaiting us just around the bend.

Stay tuned for the next post, when we show you the one we liked the best.
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  1. Why can’t I click on any of the pictures? I get this error message. But don’t worry, Girlbus, we can climb any stairs necessary, including the ones from the port below Thira to the city. We’re tough, tough, tough!!!

    Love you,


  2. Is there any other denomination of churches on Santorini where you can get married inside? Who would do the ceremony?

  3. I only had the bandwidth to support thumbnails when I uploaded, so what you see is what you get! But the first Santorini post does have higher res images. I’m planning to add a photo gallery soon. xo

  4. I haven’t found any Protestant churches on Santorini. But the rules might be slightly different if we call it a vowel renewal rather than a wedding. We’re still gathering info…

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