Resurgent nationalism? Nein. Fan frenzy? Ja.

Something that struck me when we arrived here a couple months ago was the great pride Germans seemed to take in being German. There were flags everywhere: triangle flags decorating homes like lights at Christmas, stick flags in lawns and attached to cars, rear view mirrors covered in red, yellow and black … I even saw a woman with tri-colored fingernails!

Not until I mentioned it to Ben did I find out that the madness would only be temporary. Ever heard of something called the World Cup?

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  1. You guys are awesome! I always thought I’d go to Germany if I stayed in the Army. (My brother was born in Heidelberg and I remember well traveling there with our parents when I was 11.) I guess since this is Ben’s second round, you STOLE MINE!!!!
    Glad you guys are well,

  2. Finders, keepers Bob. You can steal a 2nd Korea assignment for me if that makes you feel better. Hope you guys can make it over to see us here at some point. Take care!

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