Our own Sunday travel section (why we do what we do)

Newspapers B&W (4)

Newspapers B&W (4) (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

It’s a lazy Sunday morning. You’ve just settled in to your favorite reading nook with coffee, tea, or breakfast smoothie … and you’re ready to crack open the travel section and get inspired.


If travel fascinates you and you’re old enough to remember newsprint, we’re probably on the same page here. I always loved the moment of lift off as I was transported far beyond my childhood home or college dormitory or tiny 5th story New York walk-up, avidly scribbling notes to help make the most of a future trip.


Fast forward to today’s busy, flat world, where it’s easy to become jaded. We travel more, but feel less tolerant of the accompanying hassles. Upon arrival we find more conveniences than before, but we chance destinations that seem flat or contrived. Finding the proverbial path less taken can feel less about art than it does about luck.


Let us fan the flames of your wanderlust. We still passionately believe in the magic of travel, and go to great lengths to uncover those corners of the planet that remain authentic. The kinds of places that put a goofy look on your face, mouth open in wonder. Or the ones that elicit a giddy temptation to do something irrational. Sometimes we even find those spots tucked away in a city that has been trampled by millions of feet.


We hope you’ll come along with us on the journey. Our travel inspiration might reach you via laptop, tablet or phone, but I hope it becomes a favorite part of your weekly routine. Sign up in that box up there on the right, and we’ll even deliver it straight to your virtual doorstep (your Inbox).


For nostalgia’s sake, we publish every Sunday…


Bon voyage,




  1. Cleverly written, especially since it’s Sunday morning and I just finished reading the travel section of the Seattle Times. Now, it’s time to peruse your website and Twitter for more travel news and tips.

  2. Looking forward to this! Very nicely written and it’s taken me back to my uni years when I would buy the big, fat Sunday papers and pretend to be interested in the news but, in reality, I was desperate just to open up the travel section. I’d rip out my favourite articles and keep them in a scrap book for my next adventure.

  3. I’m glad it made its way to you in time. There was a hiccup with the distribution, so some people further east didn’t receive it until late in the afternoon! Ah, technology’s little ironies…

  4. Hi Monica, thanks for dropping by. I have a scrap book like that of my very own 🙂 Little did I know at the time that there was a worldwide army of Sunday travel buffs, diligently snipping and annotating.

  5. Great site, guys! Looking forward to reading more about your upcoming and past adventures!

  6. Thanks, we like yours, too! Wine and Spain are two of my favorite words…

  7. I love your site and what you do! My husband and I are here in Okinawa at the moment, and I stumbled upon your page while looking for popular places to visit. Expecting any posts soon? Hope you are having lovely travels together, Ben and Jenna!

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