Our brand new look

1-site update


Our intention this week was to deliver a new post about the culinary delights of Costa Brava, Spain. We also intended to launch our updated site, which has been in the works for months. As the saying goes, “The best laid plans….”


By now, I should have realized that website gremlins scoff at deadlines! This week, unfortunately, has been more about vocalizing my frustrations to my laptop than reminiscing over foodie indulgences.


Luckily, by now we are pretty happy with where things stand (Are you?? Let us know!) There are just a few minor kinks that we’re still working through, and one fairly major one for which we have called in outside help (the photos in our gallery aren’t loading – pesky gremlins!).


The new framework is much more stable across browsers, provides a crystal-clear reading environment, has more concise and customizable menu options, and boasts a “magazine format” – meaning our homepage will display our posts based on interest categories, like “city fun” and “weekly wow.”


So what do you think? Going forward, what topics would YOU like to see in our magazine?


  1. The new design looks great!

  2. Good to hear – thanks!

  3. Being a techno-peasant, I am overwhelmed with your new presentation.
    Congratulations, Ben & Jenna!

  4. Thanks for the compliment, Nancy!

  5. I was doubtful at first but, your site is better than ever. It has easy access to all your blogs and and photos. Thanks, I need something I can navigate easily.

  6. Thanks for the feedback – glad to know you find it easy to navigate.

  7. Love the new look and feel! Great work 🙂

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