Now we know what Italians look like under their clothes

We spent New Year’s visiting friends in Vicenza, Italy, and took some fun day trips to Verona, Venice, and a gorgeous hill town called Bassano del Grappa which overlooks the Alps.

We couldn’t help but notice that red was definitely the in color for lingerie this season; all the stores were overflowing with it:

Lucky red lingerie filled the stores for New Year's

Lucky red lingerie filled the stores for New Year’s

Turns out that this is a yearly occurrence. Along with eating lentils, all positive-thinking Italians wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve to ensure good luck in the year to come.

We were woefully ignorant about the custom until the festivities were well underway, so made sure to snag a double helping of lentils during the fantastic, six-course meal (35 euros, with wine, Prosecco and limoncello included!) to usher in health, happiness and abundance.

Buon Anno!

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  1. Mom and Dad says

    Of all the customs I’ve heard of, that’s a new one. And I have no doubt that the lentils will bring on a good 2011 for you and Ben. Mom and Dad xoxo

  2. Jen, you certainly have a way with words. Hope you will someday publish your travel log!

    We have been to Venice a couple of times but all the shops we saw were promoting bakery goods. How does one slim down to wear these lovely undergarments after all those promoted calories??!!

  3. Lol, I know! And I never saw a gym, either.

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