Honeymoon in Taormina

Ben said no working during our honeymoon, but I couldn’t resist updating this site after the fact.

I knew we were getting married in gorgeous Santorini. What I didn’t know was where we’d spend our honeymoon. I’ve been told that the look on my face was priceless when I read the airport departure screen: Munich! Luckily, it was just a stopover, and before long we were in sunny Taormina, Sicily, a place ranked high on our “European bucket list.”

In a nutshell, here’s Taormina: nestled in steep hills above the Ionian Sea, views of mainland Italy and smoking Mt. Etna, aqua water meets both sand and white cliffs, mixed foliage from cactus to pines to calla lilies, a cute (and touristy) center with a kilometer-long pedestrian area, a famous Greek amphitheater, amazing food (the highlight was fresh ravioli stuffed and covered with pistachios and prawns at Da Nino), also amazing wine (our fav was called Chiaramonte, a nero d’avola produced by Firriato), and happy, friendly people.

We stayed at a must-visit boutique hotel high above the coast called Villa Ducale, and were treated like old friends. A “wine tasting” was actually six full glasses of excellent Sicilian wines; breakfast, tea-time snacks, and evening tapas were abundant and varied; and when we oohed and aahed over the cheeses (particularly a smoked Provola, and another containing arugula), the manager offered to personally order a “small sampling” for us from the local cheese producer. Since nothing is small in Sicily, it turned into 6 pounds of yumminess, which Ben had to lug home in his backpack to avoid the ruthless excess baggage charges….

If you haven’t already decided to visit Taormina, we think these will put you over the edge:



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  1. Oh my, what gorgeous photos and your descriptions were outstanding-I almost felt like I was tagging along:) The scenery and the town are so beautiful. Naturally, I loved the pictures with both of you the best. You’re both very photogenic! What a perfect spot for your Honeymoon and some alone time after the wedding. Ben, good job finding such an amazing spot and keeping it a secret, too. My heart is just filled with love and joy for both of you. xoxo

  2. 6 glasses of wine??!! Holla! At least you can read the signs on the shops and streets vs Greece. Glad you had a chance to get away. Love you both!

  3. Michelle says

    Amazing! The new bride & groom look so blissful – beautiful pair you two make! I love the night photo, taken from what looks to be a terrace. The water seems almost unreal – breathtaking! Gorgeous photos! What a wonderful celebration to remember…congratulations again you two! Much Love

  4. Amazing photos, and stunningly gorgeous views! I’d like to have a home there πŸ™‚ Great job on the photos guys. They are impressively professional looking. Always a treat to follow you around the globe!

  5. Thanks! They’re from a new JVC video camera that Ben got for my birthday. Haven’t figured out the video part yet … baby steps πŸ™‚

  6. Dadbus and Wendybus says

    Ben, you done good!

    Taormina is a beautiful place – I remember taking the tram down with Wendy to the harbor, and having lunch there – the pasta was al dente – perfect – the best I’ve ever had! I also remember our tour bus, when someone asked to go see the homes of the Mafiosi. Actually happened. The guide deferred.

    It looks like a beautiful place for a honeymoon – I’m glad the two of you were able to relax after the hectic pace of The Wedding Of The Century! Love you lots!

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