Hello world!

We think the generic title that WordPress gives for all first blog entries pretty much sums up what this site’s about, so we kept it. This space will be dedicated to keeping everyone updated on where we’ve landed and where we’re off to next.

We’ve passed the first month mark in Germany, but we can’t really say we’ve settled in. It’s just little things that are missing, like a car for Jenna, internet access at home and half our furniture. But hey, we’ve been making do with beer gardens, pretzels and a sweet view of a medieval castle. Life isn’t so bad.

Next on the list is the task of finding a great wedding venue that everyone can get pumped about. We’re taking off for Greece next week to do some island scouting, so stay tuned (you can subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom of the page if you want to receive our post updates automatically). I already know what you’re thinking. Yeah, life is tough.

Pay attention, ’cause at the end we’ll be asking you to weigh in with a vote for your favorite place.

Let the fun begin.

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  1. I vote for Oia! But only because I’d like to go back there. It might not be practical, but what the heck! Capri would be nice (Italy), but it’s so expensive no one could afford to attend. Of course, a winery in California (hint hint) would be nice as well!

    Love you,


  2. John and Lori Tucker says

    Cool idea Ben and Jenna! Look forward to hearing about your adventures as you gallivant around the world looking for a wedding venue. Have fun!


  3. Thanks Tuck. Got the inspiration from your site from Afghanistan! Ours is much more plain (right now) and we won’t be featured on the History Channel, but it will come along. Stay safe, pal!

  4. Dadbus – looks like you’ll get your wish! We love it here. More to come…

  5. Hey there you two. My vote goes for Oia…yes, I’m a nerd and try to get every joke in possible. I know it y’all like it, I will. Rock on and can’t wait to celebrate with you two.
    Rexy D.

  6. I just like to say “Oia”!!!! Sounds like the French Revolution scene from History of the World – Part I. We are all looking forward to Europe!

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