Greece is the word!

Oia is famous for sunsets (taken from our patio)

Oia is famous for sunsets (taken from our patio)

Originally, we planned to scout out several sites before deciding on a wedding venue, but after arriving in Oia (pronounced ee’ ah) in Santorini on Friday, we stopped the search. We think it offers the total package in terms of accessibility, price options, and activities. Well, and then there’s the fact that it’s breathtakingly, heart-stoppingly gorgeous:

View from the kitchen down to the port

Oia from the distance

We overheard there are 70+ churches in Oia.


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  1. You’re right, no need to look any further. You both found the perfect location and I’m glad you found it together.

  2. Overwhelmed by the photos, right out of a travelogue. I can’t remember what beer we used to drink in Greece, but I certainly remember the Metaxa!
    Dances with Visa will really enjoy the place. xoxoxoxo

  3. Thanks! Mythos is the beer – perfect for a sunny island day.

  4. The place you chose is beautiful! Ya’ll did good. I better bring my hiking boots to go up and down the hills though. Wow, Dad and I will have to get in shape! Why is every place that is not home so much prettier? Those people that live there see it every day! I wonder if they take it for granted?

    We love you!

    Mom and Dad Ogden

  5. We thought of you and Ben when we were there. We are very glad that we mentioned it to you as a possibility. It is a beautiful location; truly a unique and magical place for the two of you to get married. I can’t imagine a more wonderful place for the two of you to look back on as you go through your lives together.



  6. Oh, wait! More like a donkey!! Eeee Aaahh!

  7. You hit the nail on the head! The donkey is the island mascot. They have little artsy statues of them everywhere (plus real ones, obviously, that have the joyful job of carrying tourists up and down the cliff side). I’ll upload pics soon.

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