Goodbye Europe Grand Tour 2013, in infographics

How do you summarize the vacation of a lifetime?

That’s what our last month has been (mostly): a dream vacation. Too cushy and familiar to be a journey, too long to be a trip. We christened it our “Goodbye Europe Grand Tour 2013,” the last chance to bid farewell to our favorite haunts of the last three years before moving to Asia.

We could wax long and lyrical about the beautiful sunsets that were surely created just for us, the charming people that hosted us, or the traditional foods that energized every cell of our bodies … and we will. We could bombard your eyes with photos of views so breathtaking you’ll want to chuck your ringing smartphone out the window, grab sandals and a credit card, and head for the nearest airport … and we will.

But first, we need to get those of you that haven’t been following along on social media up to speed with where we went and what we were doing. Taking advantage of free tools over at, we created these infographics for a visual summary. This might also help those of you that consider replicating all or part of this trip (though we’ll provide further recommendations with lessons learned in an upcoming post). Enjoy!


Europe itinerary route infographic



Highlights of our European trip on a timeline


Statistics relating to our Europe tour


  1. Very, very clever! “0” baggage fees impressive!

  2. Kristen says

    Very, very clever! I really enjoyed the way you presented your latest adventureā€¦in a nutshell. The site was the ideal backdrop for your summary and I know there must be a great story behind each caption and number. Your opening paragraphs left me smiling and wanting to hear more. I’m not a patient person so I’m looking forward to hearing details.

    And you thought you’d never have any stories to tell.L

  3. No, Kristen and I did not colloborate on our comments even though our first sentences are the same! It’s just that you ARE very clever.

  4. Was there any thought of going back to Santorini for a final look at the place where you shared your vows? We still remember fondly the wonderful week we spent there as you and Ben exchanged the statements of your love!

    Of course, leaving that for the future makes it all so much more special. Perhaps we can all get together there when you celebrate a significant milestone.

    We miss you both and love you both. We hope to see you soon in Okinawa!

  5. Wendy and Kristen – If a post inspires duplicate reactions, I’m glad they’re positive! I’m glad you enjoyed the change of format.

  6. Dad – We felt Oia might feel like a ghost town, because it relies so completely on tourism. Their season doesn’t really start until the Greek Orthodox Easter (or the holy week leading up to it), which wasn’t until May 5 this year. Crete has a more diverse economy so we thought it wouldn’t be an issue.

    A Santorini five-year anniversary trip is a strong possibility, though!

  7. Love how the tool allows you to summarize your travels from this unique point of view. The graphics could serve as the image cover to your “travel book” if you ever made one, or perhaps a cover for just a chapter of your book at the rate you guys are traveling!.

  8. Thanks, Annika! You never know, right?

  9. I love this format. Infographics like these would make good facebook or other social media posts too.

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