Fall colors

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After seven years in Miami, I thought I’d have a major case of homesickness once daytime temperatures started to hover around 40 degrees. But I forgot how amazing autumn looks! Check out the changing colors of our new home town in the photo gallery.

We’ve been traveling nonstop for the last couple months, everywhere from little Bantham, England, to Jerusalem. Check back for upcoming recaps and many great photos.

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  1. Mom and Dad says

    Well, I guess the chilly weather is the price one has to pay for gorgeous autumn colors. Isn’t it amazing how much more beautiful everything is when you’re with the one you love? xoxo

  2. Ach, du meine Gute! Ich glaube das es ist zehr schoen!

    OK, enough German for today. It really is beautiful where you are – are the shots of the hill with the colors and the castle on the top of the hill from your house? What a beautiful area in which you live.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving, and we can’t wait to see you for Christmas!

  3. That view is close by – just back up the road a few houses. The leaves have blown down now, and it all looks pretty gray. Glad I have the pics!

    See you soon!

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