Independent reviews series: Parador de Carmona, Spain

For many years I dreamt of staying at the Parador de Carmona, until last April when Ben made it possible. And now? Now I just dream of returning.

Goodbye Europe Grand Tour 2013, in infographics

Three infographics manage to capture everything from itinerary to highlights for our month-long trip through four popular Mediterranean countries: Israel, Spain, Italy and Greece.

Foodie indulgences from the home of deconstructivist cuisine

There was a lot of sampling and re-sampling involved with the production of this guide to the best food on the Costa Brava … but somebody had to do it.

Start Booking: Where to go next

The first post in our Start Bookin’ series features our suggestion for what to do this spring: cycle the greenways of the Costa Brava, Spain

Spain’s Hotel del Teatre: unwind in the European countryside

Unwind in the epitome of refined country living, right in one of Europe’s hottest destinations

Costa Brava: To visit, or not to visit?

We were wined, dined, and fêted. The entire region was open to us like an oyster – a gold-gilded oyster, with a big, fat pearl. We stayed at luxury hotels, were led about by the region’s best guides, fed until we couldn’t eat another bite, plied with insider tips, thrilled by hot air balloon rides […]

Empuries ruins of Costa Brava: When in doubt, follow the Greeks

Why should you visit the ruins of Empuries on the Costa Brava? We think the Greeks were on to something…

A week in Costa Brava: initial photos

The title says it all: check out our photo essay of Costa Brava highlights.

Gran Canaria’s top five attractions

Visiting Gran Canaria? Read this first.

Lanzarote: Prisoner in a 5-star resort

While I have huge qualms about 5-star mega-resorts, Ben, most definitely, does not…