Experience the Magic of Giant Sequoias at Kings Canyon National Park

Thousands of years old and towering above, California’s Sequoias are wonders that surpass expectations when seen in person.

There’s a story behind this pineapple…

My avatar shows a gregarious-looking girl with a pineapple umbrella drink. What in the world does that have to do with nerdy me?

We’re all packed and ready for … Kansas??

Sometimes, life takes you to unexpected places…

California’s Pacific Coast Highway: Dramamine Drive in photos

The two-lane ribbon of California’s Highway 1 – barely a thread in some parts – twists and turns to precarious heights, particularly along a stretch nicknamed “Dramamine Drive.”

Miami Beach: glitz, glam, and great parking

There’s a lot you can tell about Miami just by paying attention to what’s often overlooked … like parking garages.