Independent reviews series: Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa

It was Ben’s birthday, so we headed to the best hotel of Japan’s top resort spot. We were only looking for great R&R, but we ended up with so much more…

Naha, Okinawa: Up close at the world’s largest tug of war (with VIDEO)

In 1995, the Guinness Book of World Records named it the largest rope in the world. How large is Guinness-large? Try 200 meters long (656 feet) and 2.2 meters thick (7.2 feet), for a whopping 43 metric tons of rice straw (94,799 pounds)!     Now for a bit of background. It all began over 500 […]

Why we converted to the cult of port

Port: what is it, really, and why is your great-grandfather’s favorite tipple experiencing such a resurgence among oenophiles and hipsters?

Where to Go Next: Watch Leaves Fall in Portugal’s Douro

We know where to see the leaves turn this autumn: it’s the UNESCO-listed Douro River region of Portugal, whose undulating hills offer spectacular views and port wine.

A perfect day in Seoul

Follow us to Seoul, city of glittering high rises and centuries-old city walls, for an ideal 24-hour itinerary

Jerusalem and Bethlehem: so different, so similar

Find out why Jerusalem and Bethlehem are ultimately disappointing, yet so worthwhile.

Jericho: tales from inside the West Bank

You have followed us elsewhere, so why not to the West Bank? It’s probably not what you were expecting.

Independent reviews series: Parador de Carmona, Spain

For many years I dreamt of staying at the Parador de Carmona, until last April when Ben made it possible. And now? Now I just dream of returning.

Tel Aviv restaurants: our favorite places to eat

Follow us to the White City of Tel Aviv, Israel, where we uncover the best places to eat during your stay

Israel: Impressions of Tel Aviv

The White City: in turns chaotic and relaxed, serious and carefree, ugly and beautiful. Here’s why we’re hooked…