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Did you turn up at a destination’s #1 TripAdvisor hotel, only to realize the raters were prioritizing price and easy train access over service and amenities? Or have you visited a restaurant where the owner’s gregarious personality, not the food, is what inspires rave reviews?


We’ve been there, too, and now know that who gives the recommendation is just as important as the information itself.


Smart travelers gather tips from people on the same travel wavelength. That’s why it’s important that we tell you about our travel preferences up front:


  • We love discovering destinations that most people don’t know about.
  • We choose comfort or extraordinary experiences over price.
  • We travel. A lot. What you’ll find here comes from direct experience, not what we read on the web (see our 2012 review and 2011 review).
  • We’ve got nothing against value and personality (what’s not to like?), but those characteristics alone won’t make us swoon. We’ve grown to appreciate the total package.
  • We have a “less is more” philosophy. None of our favorite memories come from trying to squeeze five museums into 24 hours.
  • Life is short. Indulge in the things that are meaningful to you.


Want to know more? You can always read the deeper reasons for why we do what we do, or the lighter reasons for why Jenna’s avatar features a big pineapple. You can also read about our commitment to fair and unbiased reviews.


Lastly, a dedication: This site is dedicated to those corners of the world that remain unique and authentic despite an increasingly flat and homogenized planet. We applaud the places and activities that feel quintessentially local and the vendors that love their region and want to share that affection.


We hope you’ll come along for the ride as we share our favorite places both on and off the beaten path.


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